Group Coaching

Group Coaching

Join my redesigned virtual group coaching program and start achieving financial freedom and achieving generational wealth today?

It has been said that doing the same thing over and over will only get you the same results. Is it time for a change?

Every call is focused in on a specific topic to help you learn: 

  • Personal development 
  • Goal setting business planning and mindset
  • Relationship, networking, and team building 
  • Locating and sourcing the best deals 
  • Contracts and negotiations
  • Exit planning to maximize profit 
  • Market traps and underwriting 
  • Financing & due diligence 
  • Closing 
  • Operations/management 

Develop and implement a personally designed Blueprint to simplify your business foundation to provide long-term perpetual wealth.

All this for a monthly investment of

only $97 

Go Ahead – Take action now & reserve your seat.

Some Exciting Coaching topics include

  • Goal Setting & Getting to Why
  • Team Building, Networking & Building Strategic Relationships
  • Learning A New Language
  • Developing a Buying Strategy
  • Locating & Sourcing On & Off Market Properties
  • Evaluating the Traps
  • Underwriting
  • Exit Planning
  • Offers to Purchase, LOIs, to Contract
  • Due diligence, Physical & Financial
  • Financing the Acquisition
  • Creative Financing Even with No Money or Experience
  • Raising Private Equity
  • Closing the Acquisition
  • Execution Q&A
  • Operational Strategies, Property Management
  • The Difference Between Property & Asset Management